Our Story

Petty Brothers Racing can be traced back to as early as 1947 when brothers Lee and Julie tried their hand in stock car racing. In 1948, a new sanction was formed known as NASCAR. Lee, with the help of brother Julie, went on to win one of the first eight Grand National NASCAR races in 1949 and with this decades of a winning tradition was formed.

Young Richard and Maurice were apprentices to their father Lee at a very young age. From pouring the concrete floors of Lee Petty Engineering to working on the cars, The Petty Brothers did what they could to help their father. In 1961, after Lee’s devastating crash at Daytona, the family business fell into their laps. At the brink of collapse, The Petty Brothers used a brotherly bond to rise to the top. They went on to become the winningest brothers in NASCAR history and hold records that will likely never be broken.

Today Petty Brothers Timmy, Ritchie, and Mark continue the family’s legacy. Each brother has worked in and around racing their entire lives. Together at Maurice Petty and Associates the Petty brothers competed in ARCA, Winston Cup, and Craftsman Truck series races. They also built countless engines for a number of teams carrying on their fathers legacy. Today their mission is to preserve the family’s rich racing history. We invite you to join us as we archive it!

The Petty Brothers